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Dear friend,

We’ve all been there. Scrambling to entertain our toddler or preschooler when we’re stuck in a waiting room, or up past our eyebrows in paperwork, or even trying to finish cooking dinner. You just need a few moments of uninterrupted time.

Would you feel safe handing them your tablet or phone?

Hello, my name is Punch Robinson. I’m the creator of, and more importantly, the dad of five “former toddlers.” Finding a safe, fun and educational site that could keep my toddlers and preschoolers entertained was such a struggle for me, that I made it my mission to create one.

Today, KneeBouncer games and activities are a time- and sanity-saving staple in millions of households all around the world. is play with purpose, featuring games, activities, worksheets and the videos of our popular TV series, “The KneeBouncers Show.” All the games are age-appropriate to help ready babies and toddlers for preschool.
We took care to work with early education experts to make games that engage, encourage, entertain and educate. And we made the site as safe as possible. No ads. No links. No pop-ups. Just fun family learning games.

Give your toddler a head-start (just by letting them play!)

Are you teaching your child letters? Practicing numbers? Colors? Shapes? Our games, activities and videos playfully reinforce the lessons you’re probably already teaching:

    • cause and effect
    • alphabet
    • letter identification
    • number recognition
    • counting
    • shape identification
    • color identification
    • music
    • sounds
    • matching
    • and so much more!

Our games are not curriculum-based. We aren’t a flash card site either. We focus on play while introducing the basics building blocks of learning.

You’ll love the safety and convenience of our site:
    • No ads or pop-ups to take them away from the game
    • Age-appropriate content for babies, toddlers and preschools so they’re engaged and learning at the right speed for them
    • Apps for phone and tablet so that a fun learning experience is always within reach


It just takes a moment to sign-up, or download the app, and your child can have access to the safe virtual playground that can literally provide hours of learning for them (and many stress-free moments for you!)

So if you have a little one in your home who’s always clamoring at your device, bring them to the safest playground online——and let them play!

    “Entertaining educational games are now available for even the littlest techie… we recommend which offers the simplest of toddler friendly play.”
    “The aptly-named is billed as the first website designed specifically for babies and young toddlers. Featuring nearly 20 games, little kids can hit any key on the keyboard to play a host of animated activities, including alphabet and number exercises, shapes and color creation, music-making rhythm games, and a digital version of the perennial classic: Peek-A-Boo.”
    USA Today


Try KneeBouncer’s for a week, FREE!

We know that your child will love our games, and that you’ll love being able to offer them a safe and educational diversion when you need one! That’s why we’re offering you a free one-week trial to test out our site. No credit card is necessary – just sign up and let your little one play!

Once you’ve had a chance to see just how life-changing can be for your family, you’re going to want to keep us around! So for a limited time we’re offering 40% off the annual membership price of $35. That’s only $21 for an entire year of playing and learning.

Sign up for the free trial today. Your child will love it and you might just get a moment or two to yourself.

Best to you and your family.
Punch Robinson
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“My 2 year old is obsessed with your site. She actually asked me to draw a pentagon a few days ago…How can I recommend this site to all of my Facebook friends with little kids?”
Erica K.

“My little ones love this site! A few years ago i stumbled upon it while looking for a game for my 2 year old. It’s perfect for little fingers to just pound on the keyboard. now 2 years later my 4 month old is fascinated and fusses if we turn it off! My 4 year old loves the updated version and new “games”. GREAT JOB!”
Michelle K.