“Give him his first real byte of technology with Created by two dads, the site features eighteen toddler-friendly games (we’re using that term very loosely) he can play while snuggling on your lap.”  Read more:

“The aptly-named is billed as the first website designed specifically for babies and young toddlers. Featuring nearly 20 games, little kids can hit any key on the keyboard to play a host of animated activities, including alphabet and number exercises, shapes and color creation, music-making rhythm games, and a digital version of the perennial classic: Peek-A-Boo.

“We’re building on the fundamentals of early learning by offering games that give toddlers their first experience with letters, numbers, shapes and colors” adds co-creator Kurt Dommermuth.” Read more:

“Entertaining educational games are now available for even the littlest techie… we recommend which offers the simplest of toddler friendly play.”

“Looking to introduce your wee one to the computers early on? Check out these fun websites (which are great for babies, toddlers and preschoolers) to help ease them into using technology, with a little educational play to boot! has 18 different mini games to choose from, including ones to learn about shapes, the alphabet and music, as well as less-than-educational games like waking up Sammy the monkey and splashing in puddles.” Read more:

“Games aimed at kids are nothing new. Popular child licenses like Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street have been attached to PC games for years, but even those games have required some sort of mouse skills on the part of the child, or a patient parent to sit with them throughout the game. But what about the younger kids, the ones who don’t yet have the motor skills to use a mouse, but want to interact with the computer like they see their parents or older siblings doing?”

“Games for younger children (think under 18 months) are hard to come by online. There’s a few floating around out there, but usually it’s one game amongst a sea of older-aged games. Knee Bouncers is a one stop shop for bouncing, giggling, wiggling and most of all fun for all — with extra emphasis on the tiny tots!” Read more:

“Now, there’s a new videogame website aimed at toddlers called The site gives babies and toddlers the opportunity to play on the Internet without the use of a mouse. Loaded with games, little children can make magic happen on the screen by simply tapping any key on the keyboard.” Read more:

Kneebouncers is a web site for parents who want to introduce their toddlers to the world of computers.  The site is colorful and eye-catching, with simple activities like ‘Wake Up Sammy’ and ‘Bed Jump’ that toddlers can play, only requiring them to touch the keyboard.  When I visited the site for the first time, even I found the activities a bit addictive.”

“Although Robinson says the first activities on KneeBouncers were just for fun, newer games were designed with more education value in mind. “We talked to some preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers and said ‘here are some are ideas, what do you think of them?'” They were advised to create games to introduce children to letters, numbers, shapes and colors.” Read more:

“KneeBouncers is a free online program and very appropriate for babies and toddlers who want their first fun experience with the computer. There’s even an iApp available for entertaining your toddler on the go with your iPhone. So, the next time your toddler crawls into your lap to “play” on Mommy’s or Daddy’s computer, click over to and put a big smile on that precious little face!” Read more:

“ offers a host of whimsical flash mini games that can be played by simply mashing any button on the keyboard—coincidentally, I still use this approach inStreet Fighter and Devil May Cry games. In “Wake Up Sammy,” your child can rouse a little green cartoon monkey from a deep sleep by pressing the keyboard repeatedly. Hitting keys in “Music-Maker” simulates the plucking of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on a bright purple guitar (you can also select drums or piano, depending on your instrument preference). Even an infant can appreciate the delight that comes when you realize the connection between your keystrokes and the action spilling off the screen.” Read more:

KneeBouncers games range from educational to purely visual interaction, some teaching colors and words while others involve the game’s cast of characters jumping in puddles or performing in a circus. Input from the keyboard will cause an action on screen: moving a character around, playing a sound, etc.” Read more:

“Two year olds don’t usually have the dexterity to use their thumbs and fingers independently like most video and computer games demand, however, KneeBouncers allows toddlers to simply press the keyboard buttons to see reactions.” Read more:

“Game play is easy… The site is safe because it provides no links to other web sites in areas where children could find them.” Read more:–parenting-trends-hot-news-from-the-home-front