Naughty or Nice List? Check Your Child’s “List Status” with The Nice-O-Meter!

by heather | December 19, 2012 | 0 Comment

The official count-down to Christmas has begun! According to our calendar, there is less than a week. If the kids are getting antsy and the elf-on-the-shelf doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore, we've got a fun solution for you:


The Nice-O-Meter

{Our way of adding a little bit of tech-filled fun to the holidays!}

How does it work? Very simply. It's magically controlled by parents. Just head to to download the app for your iPhone/iPod or Android smartphone Note: this app is not available in the iTunes store. You must download from the website.

Launch the app and hold the smartphone next to your child. Ask "Is {insert child's name here} on the naughty or nice list?"


If you're holding the phone horizontally, it will read naughty and remind the child that there is still time to be good!


If you're holding the phone vertically, it will reinforce your child's good behavior and read "Nice!"

100% free. North Pole approved.

But use it wisely. ;)

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