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KneeBouncers was created in 2002 by two dads, Punch Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth, for their own kids. At that time, all the games for young children on the Internet required the player to use the mouse to control the action. So they set out with one goal: to create a series of games that even the youngest family member could easily play. Read more...

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We believe that games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers should be played in the safest online environment possible.
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Discover the magic of play as the KneeBouncers playfully twist and bend reality to explore their whimsical world. Now playing daily on BabyFirstTV.

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The aptly-named is billed as the first website designed specifically for babies and young toddlers. Featuring nearly 20 games, little kids can hit any key on the keyboard to play a host of animated activities, including alphabet and number exercises, shapes and color creation, music-making rhythm games, and a digital version of the perennial classic: Peek-A-Boo. “We’re building on the fundamentals of early learning by offering games that give toddlers their first experience with letters, numbers, shapes and colors” adds co-creator Kurt Dommermuth. USA Today

Entertaining educational games are now available for even the littlest techie… we recommend which offers the simplest of toddler friendly play. Parenting

Although Robinson says the first activities on KneeBouncers were just for fun, newer games were designed with more education value in mind. “We talked to some preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers and said ‘here are some are ideas, what do you think of them?'” They were advised to create games to introduce children to letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Voice of America

Give him his first real byte of technology with Created by two dads, the site features eighteen toddler-friendly games (we’re using that term very loosely) he can play while snuggling on your lap. Daily Candy Kids

Maybe you thought you didn't want to give your baby a video game habit. But honest, -- the brainchild of dads Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth -- caters to children as young as 9 months. That's how old Robinson's daughter was when he created games for little ones who want to play on the keyboard. Chicago Tribune

Maryland fathers Punch Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth are getting kudos all around for developing, an ad-free website that offers free video games for babies. "We had two young kids and they were just beginning to explore the internet: Disney, Sesame Street," Robinson said in an interview with CBC News. "Then we had a third child, a little girl, and at about nine months, she started to want to get on the computer too with her brother and sister," said Robinson. KneeBouncers now attracts more then 300,000 unique users a month. Most people approve of it, judging by the parenting blogs. There's nary a negative word to be found on the internet about CBC News